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CoMotion Software Platform

CoMotion is our industry agnostic platform that provides data liquidity and collaboration. CoMotion powers many of our current solutions, offering an interactive visualization environment that allows everyone to share the same, live picture.

Information Architecture

We can work with your existing data structures or create a custom architecture to support all of your needs. Our philosophy is to place a high priority on flexibility—our solutions will structure your data to let you seamlessly view information in many ways and will gracefully handle real-time collaboration and conflict resolution.

Quick Visualization Building

We provide a rich set of chart types so you can quickly and easily create dynamic information visualizations. This powerful library of tools is available with no coding required on your part and no additional customization from us. If we already have what fits your organization's needs, you can start visualizing your data immediately.

Data Integration

We can integrate data from multiple sources into your system or a custom system that we design. This includes data warehouses, databases, web services, feeds from complex processes, office applications, and web software.

Configuration and Development Kits

Using our XML-based SDK (software development kit), you can create custom charts and data. Web-based APIs (such as REST, SOAP, and others) allow interaction and collaboration with other solutions using well-known industry standard protocols. The APIs also allow you to create unique interfaces, depending on your needs and those of your users.

Tactical Data Cloud

Our tactical data cloud allows thousands of users to work collaboratively, even when disconnected from the network. In most cases, users aren't even aware that they've lost connectivity. They continue working, uninterrupted, and their changes are merged upon reconnection.

Text and Network Analysis

Our text and network analysis solutions enable you to intelligently process your information in an extremely customizable way, automating the discovery of key concepts and creating a network visualization that clarifies the relationship between these concepts. This technology automates the analysis of data sets to offer you valuable insight.