Go from data, to understanding, to action.

Quickly discover the meaning behind your data and stay in sync with your team. Let us do the heavy lifting by providing analytics, decision support, collaboration, big data management, and design.

Decision Support Tools

The decision-making process has become simpler. All the information is there for me.

User of Command Post of the Future software from Viz

See what's coming, understand the resources you have available to deal with it, and lead your team with clarity and confidence.

A CPOF user.

CPOF user assessing the operational environment and communicating to other staff

Our solutions have been used for more than a decade to provide decision-support for professionals in highly complex domains throughout the world. By bringing clarity and confidence to your decisions, our solutions help you navigate the constantly shifting landscape of your business.


  • Designed from the ground up to support decision-making and situational awareness among distributed teams.
  • Teams can share a single common picture of activities across the organization, with everyone's eyes on the same data.
  • Individuals and specialized groups can work on parts of the data relevant to them without disrupting or interfering with the common picture.

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Visual Analytics

Gather inputs from diverse sources and combine them in seamless, live visualization dashboards.

With visual analytics from Viz, you gain knowledge and insight from the data that fuels and grows your business. We provide visualizations and tools that enable you to quickly understand complex data and derive valuable, actionable information.

A sample bar chart.

Sample bar chart showing shipments with color coding for different components

Unlike other information visualizations, our solutions are not static views of the data. They are dynamic, direct links to the data. If someone changes a value or adds data, all visualizations change automatically. You can easily filter data and move it across different visualizations, allowing you to see the same data in different ways.

Visualizations can be customized in real-time until you arrive at a preferred view of the data. In addition, any annotations, comments, or discussions can be embedded directly in visualizations.


  • User-customizable graphical dashboards can be personalized, all while using the same source data as the rest of the team
  • Integration with a variety of data sources and hardware sensors
  • Our third-party development kit integrates with common developer tools
  • Supports live, real-time data, and historical data
  • Web, mobile, tablet and thick-client frameworks

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Collaboration Services

Combine the expressiveness and immediacy of face-to-face communication with the analytical power of data visualization.

When you have an environment that's collaborative and instantaneous, it leaves a lot of the guesswork out of your communications.

MSGT Rebuck, U.S. Army; speaking about Command Post of the Future software from Viz.

With Viz's collaboration solutions, team members can interact with each other over live data in real-time, both synchronously and asynchronously. They can each view and work on the same visualization, or they can take the information from that visualization and view it in a different way. Combining the expressiveness and immediacy of face-to-face communication with the analytical power of data visualization, each person in an organization contributes to a common understanding.

And if needed, you can disconnect from the network and keep working; your changes are seamlessly integrated when you go back online.


  • Collaborators can share the same common picture of data, while also using custom views specific to their areas of interest.
  • Collaborators can work together quickly on live data, not just snapshots in time.
  • Lightweight, distributed architecture is designed to perform well even on the most disadvantaged networks.
  • One of the only collaborative networked systems in the world that lets you keep working on shared data when you're offline.

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Big Data Solutions

Get valuable and actionable information from your large data sets—in real time.

The wealth of data at your fingertips can help you propel your business forward, if you gain the right insights. But first, these insights have to be uncovered. A key challenge to analyzing big data is the tradeoff between depth of insight and speed of inquiry. Viz can deliver both.

Our capabilities make it easier and faster to find key information by comparing rich historic trends in real time against live, streaming information. Analysts and data scientists can simultaneously view data at a high level and a detailed level. These data visualizations can be annotated and easily shared among the team for common understanding and rapid decision-making.

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Human-Centered Design

Interdisciplinary design session.
Interdisciplinary design session.

Viz collaborates and designs solutions with you, not just for you.

Human-Centered Design focuses on the actual needs, desires, and constraints of proposed users. The result is a solution that is functional, efficient, and easy-to-use.

We start all projects by researching and interviewing the proposed user community. Once we've built an understanding, we'll analyze our findings and begin to design possible solutions. We use an interdisciplinary process where designers, engineers, and domain experts collaborate. This process ensures that we propose meaningful, practical solutions.

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