Supply Chain Management

The custom solutions from Viz can help transportation planners analyze information, share thoughts, evaluate courses of action, and make informed, effective, and timely decisions.

With supply chain logistics, equipment needs to get to the right place on time, every time. Our solutions help transportation planners analyze information, share ideas, evaluate courses of action, and make informed, effective, and timely decisions. Additionally, transportation planners are able to create a rich, multi-perspective, shared operational picture.

Our solutions use multiple visualizations to show users where, when, and how people and equipment are being transported. However, the true power lies in the ability to call out problems in the plans and to show where opportunities for improvement exist.

Recognizing and Resolving Issues

Movement plans often contain requirements that cannot be met. Our solutions recognize these issues and develop new transportation strategies. In addition, we promote collaboration between users so they all see what's happening and can make decisions jointly.

Users can identify capacity conflicts for particular plans, see where problems exist, and recommend a new course of action. For example, users can determine if items can be shipped by sea instead of air, freeing up faster transportation for critical supplies.

Critical shipments can be further examined with visualizations that provide a highly detailed look at equipment as well as people. Of course, all of these requirements are dependent upon transportation feasibility. Users can conclude if sufficient lead-time exists to allocate resources and guarantee on-time delivery.

Seeing the Plan

With visual representations of origins and destinations for cargo, along with requested movement times and delivery date information, users can see exactly where and when cargo is traveling.

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TransViz: a custom supply chain logistics application

With TransViz, the Department of Defense (DOD) can manage its forces' needs with confidence and efficiency.

By collaborating in near-real-time with TransViz, users at the United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), Air Mobility Command (AMC), Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC), Military Sealift Command (MSC) and Combatant Commanders can resolve sourcing, validation, and movement issues. Users are also able to view requirements dynamically, manipulate and share common data, and build a supportable course of action. When these tasks are accomplished early in the planning process, the DOD is able to shorten the planning cycle and improve overall support to its forces.

The U.S. Central Command DDOC at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, is just one location where TransViz is being used successfully. The ability to immediately access TransViz has aided productivity, according to Army Master Sgt. Heather Dempsey, Strategic Deployments Division, U.S. Central Command: It's outstanding. We couldn't work without it.

During 2011, TransViz recommendations resulted in a cost avoidance of more than $15 million for the CENTCOM area of responsibility, as reported by USTRANSCOM J3, Operations and Plans. The government realizes cost avoidances when owning combatant commands accept recommendations made via TransViz to move cargo or passengers via strategic lift versus channel options.*

* Source: USTRANSCOM News (, November 2011.