Viz grew from research at Carnegie Mellon University exploring novel visualization techniques that enabled users to better understand information.

The early research concepts at Viz were instantiated and significantly extended in our CoMotion software platform. From these roots in advanced collaborative visualization R&D, several of our research programs have transitioned into fielded products, including the Command Post of the Future (DARPA), PAL Automation (DARPA), COBRA spreadsheet technology (CERDEC), thin client presentation services (CERDEC), and DS3 (CERDEC).

Our current research portfolio has significantly expanded. We work in the areas of:

  • Advanced visualization concepts for command and control.
  • Next generation human computer interaction capabilities to support collaborative workflows.
  • Communication networks that support analysts and decision makers.
  • Big and fast data analytics to support large-scale data environments.
  • Autonomous systems research to augment visualization-centric decision support.
  • Bio-inspired systems and neurocognitive interfaces to facilitate tightly coupled human-machine decision-making.
  • Exploration of the research process itself, focusing on new ways to build common ground between the users of a technology and its designers.

Within these lines of research, we have experience working with the following organizations:

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