Improve drug discovery and clinical trials through collaborative data visualizations.

Staying on the cutting-edge of health science, and ahead of the competition, requires you to move quickly and make better, faster decisions. See how our solutions can enhance the health science process, from drug discovery to clinical trials, with visualizations that empower users to get deep into the data and understand what it means for the business.

Drug Discovery

How do you plan for discovery?

Drug discovery is a chaotic and complicated process, requiring swift but informed decisions about when to progress and when to abandon a drug candidate. Traditional technology vendors promote tools that focus on automating or optimizing drug discovery activities, and thereby hope to streamline and simplify the drug discovery process. However, these technologies can complicate project decision-making by generating indiscriminate data. Furthermore, the process can change throughout a project, and the team can become ineffective if it is not informed.

Clinical Trials

How do you accelerate decision making?

Adhering to protocols and staying compliant are requirements of the clinical trials process. While focusing on the requirements, you still need to gain insight into the trends and outliers so you can make decisions and manage your studies. The wealth of data can be overwhelming if you don't have a convenient, intuitive way of visualizing it. In the end, not understanding your data can inhibit your progress and slow your decision making.

How our solutions work

Project teams can explore and analyze information in real-time:

  • The management team compares projects in the pipeline dashboard, viewing current status at a glance.
  • The project leader can review details about completed assays.
  • Any member of the team can review and compare assay results and molecular structures for a compound, or trace a compound through the entire project.
  • The team can add and review qualitative finding using annotation, or highlight points of interest or anomalies.
  • The regulatory team can annotate assay results and call attention to areas of concern.

How our solutions help

Our solutions reduce your costs and risks in a number of ways:

  • Better, faster project decisions: Collaborative exploration of data within the context of a project as well as other projects in the pipeline.
  • Fast failure: More timely conclusions for unpromising drug candidates.
  • Early awareness: Identification of candidates for official nomination, reducing delays while manufacturing groups prepare for GLP studies.
  • Capacity efficiencies: Add projects/targets to the pipeline at any time, increasing the chances of discovering a breakthrough.
  • Real results: Our solutions provide managers and project teams with shared awareness and greater visibility of enterprise information.

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