Cyber Security

Visualize and analyze threats to your data and infrastructure, build metrics, and make informed decisions.

Every business has something to protect, whether it's intellectual property, customer data, or business processes. But not every business is the same size, or has the same needs or technological resources.

Our solutions can make a big difference to your organization's information security by applying workflow capture, visual analytics, and rich metrics to information security data for both analysts and managers.

We allow users to interact directly with the data. Visual analysis and direct manipulation replace queries, extractions, and reports. Your analysis isn't limited to a pre-existing set of available charts, so analysts can compose exactly the visualization they need to monitor the current situation and trends over time.

We treat all information as universally unique, which affords immediate updates to all visualizations. So your integrated data and visualizations are always up-to-date. As data is added or altered, visualizations change everywhere, whether on a desktop client, on a web dashboard, or on a mobile device.

Teams can collaborate in real time on the data itself, sharing views, annotations, and edits. When users have exactly the same picture, they make informed, collaborative decisions.

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Viz Cyber Suite (VCS)

Viz Cyber Suite (VCS) is a collection of standalone information security tools. VCS leverages our big data and continuous monitoring technologies to aid organizations in a wide variety of information security tasks including threat analysis, data visualization, organizational topsight, and data integration. Each component of the VCS tool suite can stand alone or combine with other VCS tools to custom fit any organization's needs.

Shadow: Workflow Capture

Shadow captures the content, context, and workflow for each analysis taking place and generates rich metrics.

  • Empower analysts to pivot seamlessly between multiple applications without losing content or context.
  • Encapsulate the context around analysis (who, what, when, where, why, and how).
  • Create a persistent institutional memory and mitigate the effects of attrition & turnover.
  • Level the experience playing field for all your analysts.
  • Capture workflows and best practices for training and compliance.

Watch how Shadow helps you track cyber threats:

Investigator: Visual Analytics

Investigator visualizes the entire dataset, showing both archived and streaming views, without SIEM filters or preconceived notions.

  • Find attacks before the SIEM tool does.
  • Speed up analysis activities for hunting and responding: better, faster, and more actionable.
  • Handle attacks proactively, not reactively.
  • Automatically baseline network behavior.
  • Enable analysts to make sense of the entire dataset with purpose-driven visualizations.

Topsight: Operations Management

Topsight provides real-time situational awareness of the existing information security infrastructure by visualizing operational metadata.

  • Drive shop operations with metrics backed by real operational data.
  • Turn abstract organizational priorities into measurable, actionable directives.
  • Maintain full situational awareness over the entire global operation.
  • Generate accurate reports at any time, without taking analysts away from their primary work.
  • Dynamically assess the impact of security decisions across your organization.