Viz provides solutions for decision support, visual analytics, collaboration, and big data management using human-centered design.

  • Decision Support
  • Visual Analytics
  • Collaboration
  • Big Data
  • Design

Watch how the U.S. Army will transition to the Common Operating Environment (COE), which will be supported by Viz technologies.

The Common Operating Environment

Visualize your data in different ways to obtain multiple perspectives.

Leverage the collective knowledge of team members to build a common understanding of the data.

Quickly discover outliers in large data sets.

With Viz's human-centered design approach, we assess your needs and combine human sciences and art to create an engaging and efficient solution.

The human-centered design double helix process.

Key capabilities

  • Historical and live data

    Understand the past and prepare for the future by visualizing archived and live views of your data.

  • Multiple sources, one environment

    Get the big picture by visualizing data from multiple sources in one view.

  • Seamless collaboration

    Build collective knowledge as team members collaborate, in real-time, over the same data.

  • Completely customizable

    Customize your data for the needs and workflows of individual roles and teams throughout your organization.

  • Dynamic visualizations

    Uncover key insights when you examine your data across different visualizations.

  • Plug-in capable

    Any aspect of our technology can be built into your existing application to enhance its capabilities.